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Why does your Company Need Medical Examinations?

The main reason is to ensure the health of all your employees? Healthy employees are more productive then unhealthy employees. It will also ensure that the employer complies with the law. Various laws require regular medical examinations.

Example:    A driver is appointed to deliver goods on behalf of the company. If the Company is, for example, not aware that the driver has diabetes, the Company might not be aware that the employee’s eye sight might be affected. Even worse, the employee could get a blackout while driving. This can lead to serious injury or even death. If no previous medical examination was done, the employer can be liable. A basic medical examination can avoid this liability.

If an employee sustains hearing loss because of working conditions, they can claim damages from the company. Detecting issues early can help the Company take reasonable prevention steps.

Health Practitioner

Keeping the employees well for duty has never been easier. Alpha Care employs qualified occupational health practitioners that will do all the examinations and certifications.

Employee Health

It is fundamental to manage the health of your employees. It will ensure legal compliance and improve productivity. The Occupational Health and Safety Act 56 of 1993 require employers to comply and look after the welfare of their employees. Baseline medical examinations are the first step to compliance; it will provide a benchmark for future tests.

Baseline medical examinations do not take long. Depending on the health of the employee, examinations will take just a few minutes. We do a wide range of on-site certifications. There is no location too distant or site to unclean. We minimise downtime of employees.

Numerous industries need regular certifications done. Most factories will need some medical certificates. If you are unsure of certification needs, please feel free to contact us.

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